International Speaker on Child Sex Trafficking in America 

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Jen Spry Educating Medical Professionals Law Enforcement And Those Who Work With Children


  ​       Jen Spry appeared to be happy, but secrets from her childhood haunted her. It was through a life changing event that she finally stopped "running" from her past. Bravely, she decided to face her childhood and in doing so she became determined to prevent her childhood experience from happening to other children. She was sex trafficked at 8 years old by a stranger who moved in next door to her. This went on for years without anyone knowing it was happening. She was never rescued and no one intervened. It was very hard journey, but surviving was worth it. Today Jen has dedicated her life to protecting children through her work in training others how to identify and respond to victims. By breaking the silence, she has found healing and restoration for her life. Today she has found her purpose and her passion.                                                  

      She is a Voice for the Children Who Cry in Silence.
        Jen Spry is a Registered Nurse specializing as a Forensic Nurse Examiner. In Human Trafficking, she works as an Expert in Consulting and Advising. In 2014, she was selected to be a member of Shared Hope's JuST Council; this team provides innovative work on developing policies for legislation. Jen shares her personal experience to give insight into the mind of a child sex trafficking victim.  She has dedicated her life and career to protecting children. Her passion is stirring and her message is inspiring. In addition to her work in human trafficking, she is a successful business woman who owns 3 US Patents with a Registered Trademark and Design Logo. She is combining her business experiences and personal passion to create opportunities for survivors to be successful. 

        By sharing her personal story of child exploitation, she is equipping advocates, social workers, medical professionals, and law enforcement with the tools needed to foster the trust of vulnerable victims in order to provide medical care, interventions, safety, and restoration. 

​                              The Children Need All of Us to Protect Them ! 

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"No one ever came looking, because I never went missing"

Boundary Training for Youth

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​​​Jen Spry RN

The song on this page was sent to me from the young survivor who reached out after she read the article in the Frederick post.