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Personal Story: Protecting our Youth from Stolen Innocence

Human Trafficking is a huge problem in the world today. And it’s not just something that happens overseas, it’s happening right here in our own back yard. I should know, at only 8 years old, I was a victim of child sex trafficking.
That’s why I’m so passionate about training others to identify and appropriately respond when they suspect someone may be a victim of trafficking. This training is perfect for non-profits, faith-based organizations, parent groups, and people and organization working with children. In fact, if you’re interested in learning more about commercial sexual exploitation and protecting our youth, then this training is for you! During our time together, I’ll share my personal experience through pictures and stories to give you a glimpse into what the sex trafficking of minors looks like in America.

 Learning Objectives: 
• Understand how a child can become a victim of trafficking. 
• How to identify if someone is a victim of sex trafficking. 
• How to intervene when you suspect someone is being trafficked.

• Defend and protect children you from sexual predators. 

If you care about children and young people, you won’t want to miss out on this practical and relevant training.

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Medical Professionals:

Child Sex Trafficking in America: Jen Spry's Story

Would you be able to identify a victim of human trafficking if they came into your medical facility?

If not, don’t worry … most people wouldn’t. But I want to change that. That’s why I created the training Human Trafficking and the Medical Professional: An Insider’s Perspective.

During the training, I use my medical background as a registered nurse, along with my personal story of being trafficked as an 8 year old girl.

Medical professionals learn: 
• How to identify potential victims of human trafficking and exploitation. 
• What patterns to look for when reviewing a patient’s medical history that could indicate they are being sexually exploited.

• What signs and symptoms are common among victims of trafficking. 
• How to identify if an accompanying adult may be a trafficker. 
• How to build trust with someone you suspect may be a victim of trafficking.

Who should attend this training? This training is perfect for any medical professionals who may come in contact with victims of trafficking and exploitation. This includes anyone working in an Emergency Room, Urgent Care facility or dentist office. It also includes Radiology staff, Forensic Nurse Examiners, First Responders, Intensive Care staff, and Labor and Delivery personnel.

You won’t want to miss out on this insightful and practical training!

Law Enforcement: Human Trafficking From the Mind of a Survivor

Law Enforcement officers want to be more effective in identifying juvenile sex trafficking cases and working with survivors to lock up traffickers?  Then Human Trafficking From Inside the Mind of a Survivor is the ideal training course for you.

During this training I share my personal story and experience to help you learn: • How to identify potential victims of sex trafficking. • How to effectively interview juvenile victims without causing further trauma or retramatizing them.

You’ll come away from the training with a better understanding of human trafficking from the perspective of a survivor, making you more effective at questioning victims of trafficking and increasing the number of successful convictions.

I’ve trained Homeland Security, Federal Investigators, Prosecutors, Task Force members and Service Providers and I’d love to help you be more effective as well.

Child Sex Trafficking in America: Jen Spry's Story

Jen’s story teaches law enforcement how to identify the clues or signs that indicate child sex trafficking. She was trafficked for the ages of 8 to 10 years old by a stranger who moved in next door to her home. Her mother had no idea and no one recognized the behavioral patterns of trafficking. In school, they decided she had learning disabilities and placed her into a special class. People knew something was wrong, but no one was trained to understand the extent of what was going on. By sharing her story, SROs, Law Enforcement, Probation Officers, Sex Crimes Detectives, and Criminal Justice Educators will have a greater understanding of Child Sex Trafficking in America. This eye-opening training will strengthen an officer's gut-instinct when there are only subtle signs that are actually indicators of a human trafficking. Law Enforcement are the front-line and will often be the first or only ones to encounter a victim... this will training will equip them to intervene and protect children. 

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BOUNDARIES: The My-Choice Technique

Have you ever thought about how important good boundaries are in the life of a young person?
The answer: Very!

That’s why I put together this practical, interactive workshop to help students learn more about boundaries and how to protect themselves from predators.

As a result of this Boundaries workshop students will: 
• Become aware of and recognize the subtle, yet intentional steps a predator takes to break down a child’s
• Be equipped to protect themselves from potential predators. 
• Learn specific tactics for how to respond when their boundaries are being crossed.

Who should attend this workshop? The Boundaries workshop is designed for boys and girls ages 6 to 18 years old. Parents are also welcome to attend with their children.

What else should I know about the Boundaries workshop? 
• It’s designed for groups of 10 or more children. 
• It’s interactive and fun! 
• It could protect and save your child’s life!
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There is a harvest coming, but are we prepared? 
If a pastor were to ask if anyone needed prayer, would half the congregation raise their hand?
Do you have people in your church who don't understand what healthy boundaries are?
Would someone in your church go up to a stranger and immediately give that person a hug... without asking?
Would someone in your church try to pray or speak over a stranger without asking permission?
Based on these answers - is Your Church ready for the End-Time Harvest?
If Your Church wants to get ready and is working at becoming whole, healthy, and helpful...
then Jen Spry can "gracefully" share about how to embrace healthy-boundaries when in Church.

She shares about her experiences growing up in church while being sex trafficked. She gives insight on how to effectively reach the "new" person at church. She also explains how she received total healing of her heart through "secular" and spiritual efforts. Jen believes that God is able to heal the root-causes of trauma and she teaches practical "tools" to enable the soul to be in unity with the spirit. Being "whole" can be a process and that is why God gives us everything we need to be set free to live a life that has purpose. Invite her to come to your church  - She wants to share about how honor and freedom can create healthy boundaries... its true!    

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                            You and I can make ALL the difference!!!!
         Together WE can give 
CHILDREN a chance to live a life of Purpose.  

       By sharing my story I am able to reach survivors who have been silent in their pain and finally have someone talking about what happens to trafficked children. For the public and professionals, my story provides a clearer understanding of this crime. By sharing, it creates awareness, exposes the tactics used in exploiting minors, and provides actions for listeners to be equipped on how to intervene. The most amazing part is that I have been able to reach and support so many survivors. That is worth everything to me, because I wish someone had reached out to me. The healing aspect in sharing my story is that I know that every person who hears me share, in person, will never be the same. I am confident that those who hear me speak will join the fight to stop this horrific abuse of children. I trust that those who hear me will take a stand and become a voice for the trafficked children who cry in silence. 

                                                 Together We really can - STOP Human Trafficking in America! 

 Surviving is a Our Super Power, but Using the Experience to Help Others Makes Us Super Heroes!

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