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FBI Inlets Conference in NOLA


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​Teaching Boundaries

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Teaching Philly Youth about BOUNDARIES

Speaking at a church in NJ

Forensic Nurse 

​Ribbon Cutting for Rescue House in PA


Pennsylvania Blue Ribbon Award for my work Protecting Children

Spoke & Received a Standing Ovation at the UN in NY

Jen Spry

PO Box 333

Douglassville, PA 19518




   Speaking Events:

Keynote - NY Putnam County Child

    Advocacy Center Regional Training


Police Academy Trainer SMCJA, MD

Keynote - Altoona, PA

Keynote - NCJTC (National Criminal

    Justice Training Center) School

    Resource Officer (SRO) Conference,

    Appleton, WI

Pennsylvania Safe Kids Blue Ribbon

    Champion Award Winner - Harrisburg,

    PA State Capital

Keynote - Geisinger & Wellspan  

    Health Systems, Harrisburg, PA

IAFN Conference (International 

    Association of Forensic Nurses) 

    Toronto, Canada

Southern Maryland Criminal Justice

    Academy (Police Academy)

Keynote Towanda CAC (Child 

    Advocacy Center) Bradford County, PA

Keynote - Stony Brook Hospital      

    & CAC of Suffolk county, NY
Keynote - Law Enforcement, 

    Williamsport, PA 
Key Presenter - FBI Inlets &  
    InfraGard Law 
Enforcement Conference,

​    New Orleans, LA
NATIONS, NY received a    

    standing ovation​ 
Keynote - MUNCY Pennsylvania's   
   Women's State Prison

Keynote - Lancaster, PA  

    Freedom Weekend Conference 
Keynote - Suffolk County, NY    
    Safe Harbor CAC 
Keynote - Higgins Hope 
    Conference, VA   
    Higgins Hope, Northern VA 
Keynote - Piney Point MD

    Law Enforcement Training
Keynote - Lancaster Regional Medical

     Center, PA 

     Good show and series
Keynote - US Department of Health 
Keynote - 10th Annual Allen D. 
     Schwartz MD Lectureship
Keynote - Child Abuse Conference 
     at Sinai Hospital, MD 
     Summit -M.W.Smith FL.
KEYNOTE - Orlando, FL - Northland 
     Church Community Training 
Keynote Monmouth, NJ HT 
      Training - Social Service
Keynote - Annapolis, MD, National 
      Department of Public Health
Phoenix, AZ JuST Response 
National Policy Adviser Shared 
      Hope, Phoenix, AZ
FBI Training -Deep Creek, MD  
      Maryland Crime Prevention 
FBI Training - Hagerstown, MD 
Police Academy Trainer - Southern 
      Maryland Justice Academy 2 
      times per year - for both graduating   
Keynote - Pennsylvania 
      Commission on Crime & Delinquency 
Presenter - International

     Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN)

​     Forensic Nursing Annual Conference   

     Denver, Colorado
Keynote - Life for the Innocent, 
     Colorado - Medical Training & 
     Fundraising Community Event
Life for the Innocent Colorado- 
     LimitBound Boundary Training
Panel Guest for TV Show -Upper 
     Merion, PA Police Training 
National Policy Adviser Meeting 
     Shared Hope, Annapolis, MD
Keynote - CAC & Social Services 
     and Youth- Niagara Falls NY 
Public School Video Recording, 
     The Well -Worthwhile Wear org,  PA

Keynote - NOVAHTI - Northern 
      Virginia Human Trafficking   
      Initiative Conference and next day

      was a presentation about boundaries  

      in the church 
Keynote - Atlantic City, NJ Annual 
      Anti-Trafficking Conference
Keynote - Sykesville, MD - LE &  
      Crime Prevention Academy 
Keynote - Monmouth County 
      Community Training 
Speaker - GBMC Hospital MD. - 
      Forensic Training
Speaker - Villanova University of 
      Law - Class Presenter
Eastern Shore MD, LE Training - 
Police Academy Trainer - Southern 
      Maryland Justice Academy 2 times per

​      year - for both graduating classes.
      Hospital Training - Presenter
Shared Hope DC Just Conference 
      Presenter and Video Work
Keynote - Ocean City MD, Law 
      Enforcement Training
Keynote - Frederick Memorial 
      Hospital FNE training
TRAINING - Frederick Memorial 
      Hospital,  MD - FNE/A&P
Keynote - Salisbury, MD - Purdue 
      School of Business

Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting - 
      The Well, Rescue House, PA
Spoke on Capital Hill to Represent 
       the State of PENNSYLVANIA  

       Act 105 - SB75
Keynote - Shared Hope Human

       Trafficking 2014 JuST 
       Conference. Washington, DC 
Keynote - Towson University, MD
Keynote - Messiah College, PA
Keynote - Stockton University NJ    2014 - National Policy Adviser Meeting, DC
Penn State Berks County, PA

FBI Training -Shared Hope    
      International - Alvernia College, PA

Keynote - Unchained Generation, 
     AZ - Boundary Training 
Big Brother and Big sister, Berks  

   County, PA  Limit Bound 
   Technique -Boundary Training

Heaven's Place Church,

    Phoenix, AZ Limit Bound Technique -  

    Boundary Training

    ​ Recommendations and References    

            Furnished upon Request