​​​Jen Spry RN

                                                                                                                  Personal Endorsements 

"Approximately 5 years ago I attended a Sex Trafficking Conference at the Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship in Piney Point, Maryland.  I had the pleasure to sit in the sex trafficking presentation by Jen Spry while attending this conference.  This presentation was so impactful that I made contact with Ms. Spry to have her come to the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy and speak with the police entrance level recruit classes.  Ms. Spry has conducted presentations to every police class that we have had the last five years. "   Keith A. Hicks  - Director of S.M.C.J.A.

"Jen Spry is one of the most incredible people in have ever met. I have been in Law Enforcement for 42 years, about 28 years as a Police Officer and 14 years

as a Law Enforcement Instructor.  I have had the great fortune to meet some brave and incredible people in my career, real “Heroes.”  Jen Spry definitely falls into the “Heroes” category.  To be able to overcome such horrific childhood trauma is amazing in itself.  To be willing to share, teach, and fight the war against Human Trafficking as Jen does is incredible.  I am truly blessed to know and work with Jen Spry."   

Corporal Bruce A. Lohr  (retired) - Crime Prevention Specialist

"Jen Spry is a trailblazer making a difference in lives of survivors of trafficking. Jen’s passion and dedication to ensure the voice of all survivors are heard fuels my desire to be a part of helping these victims get their lives back. She is a champion dedicated to breaking down barriers and stigmas that surround victims."

Ashley Fundack, M.S. PhD Candidate - Professor of Criminology  at Notre Dame of Maryland University  

     People often ask me how they can help in the work I do, or even how they may donate to this organization.  For years, I felt I had nothing for them to donate towards, and often have referred donations to large Non-Profit Organizations.  The reality is that when you give your money to these places, it can feel like your donation is insignificant.

     Since I began this organization, I have been working as a full-time volunteer, only getting paid for speaking engagements.  But everything I do each day in this field is out of my passion to prevent what happened to me from happening to other children.  Every day, I take phone calls from other Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and rescue houses.  I advise these groups about how to deal with certain situations, and how to protect victims of child sex trafficking.  I regularly aid local law enforcement and rescue houses.  All of this work is done for free, because I understand the need.

     Recently, this work has outgrown my ability to do this without financial assistance.  This is where you come in.  If you would like to donate toward this ministry, your money will go a long way.  You will be able to directly see the affects you have on lives when your contribution is placed here.

     Currently, the financial needs of this organization consist of getting ‘Boundary Training’ into a marketing package so it can be taught on a National level.  This is a lot of work, but so worth the time and energy expended.  Your generous donations will also help to start the foundation for this Non-Profit Organization.  I am in the process of completing the name and business plan, but filing and keeping the website running smooth are rather large expenses.

      I need your help to get there.  By supporting this project, you can rest assured that your money will go to this work, and you will be able to see how it is affecting and changing lives.

This is my passion.
This is my story.
This is the story of a great many children.
I will be their Voice.

These projects will be completed.
With your assistance, they can be completed that much faster.
Every day, children are waiting.
Here I am, Lord.  Send me.  I am willing to do the work.


If you would like to do something, but are not sure how you can help, consider making a donation to this organization.  I will keep you updated on the work being done.  I will make you proud of your contribution.


                           I really do need your help.  I am doing what I am able to do now.  You can be a part of this, too.

                                                                          Please consider supporting this work.

                                                                                Sincerely, and with all my heart, 

                                                                                                   Jen Spry 

Please help me to continue Being A Voice -  Please donate... You'll be saving lives and protecting children.

You too will be their voice.


International Association of Forensic Nurses Annual Conference

​​Incredible story, very emotionally hard to listen to because she does such an amazing job presenting. 
Very powerful speaker. I admire her courage to make a difference.
VERY emotional, informative and inspiring session
Riveting information from a survivor.
Would have been a great keynote or placed at the end of the day- Thanks for sharing your story!
when way over her time which was disrespectful of others.
This was very eye opening.
Learning the dynamics of how the experience of trafficking relates through the eyes of the victim. Hearing the details of what one endured from being trafficked and how they survived.
Hearing what the true feeling of the one being trafficked and the ambivalence demonstrated toward the trafficker.

Hearing the dynamic of how the victim is taken, enticed seduced or kidnapped and how they are confused at times as to what is happening and how they are in this situation . Hearing how they feel about themselves and what it takes to get them to another place in their lives.

To learn how one that is in a position of trust exploits a child whether it is their child or not and what their anticipated gains are. 
Eye opening stats and information about what Jen Spry went through.
Great session! Always informative to hear from a person with personal experience regarding feelings, warning signs, and helpful interventions that are meaningful and to our work as nurses.
This was one of my favorite sessions! Her presentation was beyond excellent!!!

She is ​very brave to share your story. I would have liked to hear about how the trafficking has affected your teenage years and you indicated that you were assulated/trafficked again. I was very informative to hearing about how the things your trafficker did effected your other interactions. It also was eye opening to hear about the insight of a child that age and the way you perceived the situation and reactions you had (sometimes we think our children would react in a certain way but it is not accurate). It was good that you touched on your selfceare and that this story still affects you. 
This was the most eye opening session. Jen Spry was incredible. I didn't want her session to end, I felt she had so much more information to share. 
Such a touching session. Jen was a great speaker who captivated everyone in the room. 

Jen's candid portrayal of her experience was eye opening and made me more passionate about staying involved with this cause
Amazed by her story of survival and her ability to move forward with her life in such a positive way
This presentation was very moving.

I will never forget Jen Spry's story!

Moving insight into her personal experiences. 
Jen Spry is a very good speaker and gave tips on how to educate the young.

This was very informative and gave me a better understanding of sex trafficking.
She is amazing!
I will never forget Spry's story so long as I live.

This was an invaluable session.

I found it interesting that the speaker was able to tell this account through herself as a child.

Helpful to understand the way in which the perpetrator groomed the children. 
Extremely powerful!! Well done!
This session was extremely dynamic Jen was EXCELLENT!!! This session should be held at the end of the day though. The session ran long, it wasn't easy to end the session. the speaker after Jen came in the room very abruptly and was very rude about this session running into "her" session. I was appalled at her behavior
Jen, thank you again for sharing your experience with us! Prior to becoming a forensic nurse and performing my Masters, I didn't realize how extensive an issue HT & CST is in America. It opened my eyes to a new world and your presentation helped to reinforce why I am doing this work. 

Maryland Criminal Justice Academy​​

It takes a strong individual to share about a past like that. I will not forget her advise on how to talk to children.

Jen Spry taught us how to investigate massage parlors in an effective way, by recognizing the girls have been victims when they were younger.

Jen shared her story and I honestly believe she will be one of the strongest people I will ever meet in my life.

If I were in her shoes, there's no way I would still be here, I have the utmost respect for that women.

I will never forget her story and I believe it will help to help others.

Ms. Spry gave us valuable information; I would definitely recommend her coming back in the future to teach other recruits.

Jen Spry'c class about human trafficking was very impressive and her story about her childhood was shocking.

She gave us a lot of valuable information, but her story stood out the most. I would like to her about her agin.

Her story will help members of the law enforcement and now I am interested in working these crimes.

Jen Spry drove home the signs to look for and this will help me serve the community better.

Her story was amazing and where she has gone now is even more significant.

Having a guest-instructor with in-depth experience is a benefit, because I gain a better understanding versus a power point.

Jen's story was unsettling, however it will make me a better officer for hearing it.

Ms. Spry stated that we will be the ones that can make a difference in a victim's life and it is important to be thorough in our investigations or we can miss the opportunity to save an innocent child, teen, or even an adult's life. I will always remember her story. If I even encounter s case like this, I will ensure that I ask the necessary questions and take the right approach. I appreciate that she was able and willing to teach us.

Because of her story, I will be more vigilant and educate the community.

My favorite guest-instructor was Jen Spry. She gave such good information. I learned that kids are really able to keep secrets.

Now, I will engage more and ask the right questions.

Ms. Spry was very passionate and an experienced teacher. Her knowledge on the subject matter was extensive. 

She is very brave to tell her story; I will never forget it.

Jen taught about massage parlors and I learned that even though someone may be committing a crime, they can be victims too.

Now my investigation will look beneath the surface and it will focus on the real criminals and preventing this crime to happen to others.

I had taken a human trafficking class in college, but I learned more from Jen Spry than I could have ever imagined.

This will directly impact my career as an officer.

Jen Spry should be a mandatory guest speaker for every college criminal justice class!

Jen's story showed us how easy and how often children can be trafficked. I will remember it forever.

Her presentation will help me see the signs so I can catch the criminals that fly under the radar.

Jen Spry's story blew my mind and will forever impact my career in law enforcement.

I had thought human trafficking involved abduction and transporting of people, but after hearing Jen I now know that no one looks if a child doesn't go missing. That quote will stay with me forever. On each case/call, I will look to see if there are children being abused.

If I become a detective, I want to work in this field.

Jen did an excellent job of "painting the picture" of child sex trafficking. She is courageous!

Jen's story was chilling, but much needed. I needed to learn about how this could happen and how i can prevent it.

This was by far one of the most informative classes we've had.

Jen's presentation was a real eye-opener! It is easy to forget that child sex crimes can happen close to home and that it doesn't involve kidnapping.

It was a very emotional class and definitely unforgettable! She is very brave and her story is valuable.